Erstwilder Sacha Sleeping Fox Brooch - Blue Winter Collection 2015
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Erstwilder Sacha Sleeping Fox Brooch - Blue

Erstwilder Sacha Sleeping Fox Brooch - Blue

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Sacha Sleeping Fox loved to dream peacefully and run wild and free when she woke.

Curled into the corner of a green sloping hill, lay Sacha the sleeping fox, dozing peacefully after her evening fill.

Fox is playful, clever, agile, mischievous, charming and mysteriously beautiful. She’s always alert and quick on her toes, ready to find a way around obstacles. Fox reminds us to be foxy and free, to be swift in tricky situations, and to move through life with intelligence and intuition.

Sacha is her happiest curled up on your favourite blouse, dress or scarf.

Decidedly fun, often outrageous, somewhat quirky but delightfully companionable; each character in the limited edition Erstwilder collection has its own personality and provides the perfect antidote to those drab, ordinary days.

This hand assembled Erstwilder Sacha Sleeping Fox brooch in Blue is lovingly designed by Louisa Camille and comes in its own gift box.

Height = 7cm Width = 4cm